{Lynn Margaret Fostine}

Greetings from History Detective-Lynn...

{I do my documenting with a camera.}

History Detective- Lynn,  using her sleuthing skills researches “public records” to gather a “window of insight” into one’s family past and bring known descendants personal timeline into the present.

“Public data” found in defunct newspapers, funeral notices and obituaries, Census Records and Court Documents can give names- plus birth and death dates of the deceased. The  revealed  new detail  of information, adds a “documented fact” to the generational “family member  connection.”

Added knowledge of personal details, such as marriage dates, mother’s maiden name, cause of death, street address, military service- years of service and discharge, Slave schedules- all give a  way to a forgotten BACKSTORY.

(Family dynamics are connected by “backstories.” The back-stories of life-struggle, poverty, hardship become clear and define the reasons and become the answer to many unanswered questions. “Why it was never talked about is usually the first question answered.” The cause of the “buried silence of the unspoken topics” among family members is now understandable.)

Family, friendships and community connections that were formed  because of circumstances shape the context of the “ back-stories.” Having unsolved mystery around a particular family member, especially when it is a parent or grandparent, who was one of influence or even more deeply- a very loving connections which shaped your future- finding  the “circumstance context” and answers brings the feeling of trust and belonging. This priceless Timeline of names, connection and events makes the circle of family members complete.

(Lynn Fostine has more pictures of tombstones than she does the family dog!)

Lynn Fostine lives in Esparto, Yolo County, California.